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By Michael Leppert

Music Folder

Ian Bullen, President and Founder of MusicFolder, spent most of his life singing in choirs and still does, when he can break away from family and work commitments. Ian’s extensive knowledge of the needs of a performing chorister have gone into the design of his music folders, which seems to be among the very best on the market!  The user reviews on his website talk about a person having used the folder since 2000 – an amazing lifespan for an item that is used regularly – constantly, even!

The Black Folder is a durable, lightweight, ergonomic folder with options available to suit a wide range of requirements. This is one of the best folders available for singers; an elegant lightweight folder at good value – currently $23.95 per unit, with volume discounts available. If one factors in a 15-year-plus lifespan, the $23.95 comes to less than $2 per year for a music folder – even including shipping!

Ian says “One of the more important features that differ our folders from other folders, is the bottom strap, which is attached at the outside base of the folder. This gives three benefits: More room inside; page turns that don’t scrape against the strap; and lastly, a bookmark: That bottom strap angles in at 45 degrees when closing the folder, to act as a bookmark for impromptu bows during concerts — with no panic at the next upbeat — because you’re on the right page when the folder opens again.”

“The folder has a comfortable hand strap at back for you to hold it securely, and the deeply-textured leatherette aids in dissipating perspiration from your hand if you are performing under hot stage lights. A lightweight aluminum hinge is riveted securely inside, to give the folder superior rigidity and durability, and all folders come with a minimum of 10 lengths of elasticized cord. You can slide your music behind the cords to hold it in concert order, impossible to drop, and faster to find during rehearsal. Extra cords and ring adaptors for hole-punched paper are also available, click on ‘Order Now’ to see options.

Expandable pockets store surplus music. All folders include a name card pocket and name card, and hold US Letter and A4 and all common score sizes with ease. Larger works or hymnals can rest in the folder, sure not to slip out because of the bottom strap, or you can put multiple cords in different places in the music to flip to that point or to skip sections quickly.

Finally, a popular option is a clear pocket that overlays the existing left pocket. You can read your concert program or church service bulletin through the transparent pocket, instead of having to pull it up to see the lower portion of the page. It’s also handy for notes such as changes in standing order and rehearsal plans for directors. Photos, especially from choirs that tour, tend to end up in that clear pocket too.”

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