The Collective Sound Summer Music Academy

A Rock and Roll Summer Music Camp, July 8 – July 28, 2007
Ethos Music Collective Department of Music
CSU Chico, Chico CA 95929-0805
Tel: 530.693.2058

By Linda Foster

The Collective Sound

With respect to Mark Twain, rumors of rock music’s death are greatly exaggerated. Never is this as obvious as it is at The Collective Sound Summer Music Academy, a rock/pop music camp that presents youth with an authentic musical experience in performance, recording, and the music industry.

Unlike any other music camp, The Collective Sound camp is an intensive, three-week camp for young musicians interested in a real simulation of life in a band, writing, recording, making a video, and touring. According to founder, Zac Smith, public schools and traditional music camps do not encourage collaborative musical creativity. Instead, students are generally taught to read and play pre-selected pieces of music. Since 1998, the Collective Sound Summer Music Academy has differentiated itself from traditional teaching methods by focusing on the creative aspects of music, including the creative writing, recording, promoting and even touring processes. At the same time, The Collective Sound maintains a strong focus on the fundamentals of music and instrument proficiency.

Students of The Collective Sound camp are immersed in a professional setting where they perform in a live concert and are involved in the creative process of writing, recording and promoting an original tune, as well as creating the band collateral: photos, press kits, cover art, and EPKs. Students will also hear first-hand information from carefully selected, relevant representatives from both mainstream and independent record labels and industry professionals during the course of the camp experience. It is important for aspiring young musicians to understand the climate of the music industry and potential obstacles of the business. Students of The Collective Sound come away with a diversified perspective, increased confidence and a thorough understanding of the creative process.

The Collective Sound Summer Music Academy is open to anyone between the ages of 12 and 18 who is interested in intensive performance-oriented instruction in rock/pop instruments including guitar, bass, drums, voice/vocals, and keyboard/piano. In addition to traditional rock band focus, Collective Sound also ventures into the rapidly expanding world of electronic music.

Collective Sound is a coed program that is attended by students from diverse range socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds from across the nation and abroad. This is a progressive camp, with instruction from each week building upon the previous week. Attendees begin with Performance Week where they are divided into bands depending on their prior music experience and skill level. Each band rehearses a cover song and performs a live concert at California State University, Chico. Group lessons, music theory, music composition, computer lab and special guests will all be part of Performance Week.

Students who have attended Performance Week can then participate in week 2, Recording Camp. During Recording Camp, bands will enter the recording studio and record an original song they wrote during Performance Camp. Each participant will get a realistic taste of what is involved in the songwriting and recording process.

Students have the option to audition pre-camp to attend the week 3 tour. During this week, the selected group of students will participate in a 3 or 4-stop tour where they will open for headlining bands in each city, performing their original song, written and recorded during weeks 1 and 2. The summer tour allows students to “take their show on the road”, to take field trips and to participate in events with camp sponsors and sponsors. The Collective Sound tour reaches out to organizations with similar audiences with the goal of creating awareness as it relates to youth health, cultural, social and environmental issues. The upcoming tour will include music, educational, art and cultural partners. Based on past experience, it is estimated that 300-700 participants on average will attend The Collective Sound tour stops.

The Collective Sound Summer Music Academy nurtures tomorrow’s creative innovators and leaders by developing music resources, programs and environments that offer an unrivaled experience in performing, recording and the music industry in general. This innovative camp develops creativity, skills and free-thinking and is an adventure that every serious aspiring young musician should experience.

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