Top 12 Choir Audition Tips

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Choir 21 Audition Tips will help you be prepared for your next choir audition.

Now is the time of year when many choirs, choral groups, and vocal ensembles are holding auditions. Follow these twelve practical tips for your next choir audition to ensure you are at your best.

  1. Be prepared. It will help calm your nerves and give you a sense of confidence. Being prepared will mean different things to different singers, but doing your homework is universal. Do your research. Know, for what kind of ensemble you are auditioning. Specifically, ask yourself: What is their mission? What type of arrangements do they most often perform? Does your vocal quality match the group?
  2. Meet expectations. If audition requirements are provided ahead of time, make sure you follow them to the letter. Your attention to detail shows you can take direction. Plus, you don’t want to waste anyone’s time asking questions that have already been answered.
  3. Make the right song choice. Make sure what you choose matches and presents your vocal ability at its best. Make choices based on how your voice sounds not on personal taste. Select songs that align with the types of choral arrangements the group will be performing in its upcoming season.
  4. Warm up. Do your vocal warmups at least 10 to 15 minutes before you audition. If you don’t, you’ll be warmed up at the end of your audition, and that doesn’t do you any good. You want to enter the audition at your peak voice. Don’t forget to warm down too. Warm downs are essential to protect and preserve your voice.
  5. Have backup. Of course, you have memorized the lyrics to your first choice audition piece, but you should always have a second audition piece prepared just in case. And, don’t forget to have a solo piece ready.
  6. Practice makes perfect. We recommend taping your audition piece and viewing it to make sure you are not displaying any facial ticks or bad vocal habits. We do not suggest practicing in front of a mirror; this can create bad habits. The ability to visually record and playback is available to most everyone. Use your mobile phone or computer. This way you see what they see and then you can make adjustments accordingly. Sing every day! This will strengthen your voice, and you’ll be ready at a moment’s notice.
  7. Strengthen a weakness. If sight reading scares you, make sure you spend time working on it.
  8. Healthy body = healthy voice. Remember your body is your instrument. As a vocalist, you can’t put your voice away in a case, hang it in the closet or carry it on your back. What you intake directly affects the quality of your voice. Drink plenty of water. Never drink juices or dairy the day of audition or performance. If you drink coffee, make sure to drink at least eight ounces of water after.

    Choir 21 Audition Tips

    Let your soul shine through!

  9. Use standard etiquette and common courtesy. Again, it may be obvious not to ask if you passed the audition or to flatter yourself too much, but these things are important. You want to show the director or choirmaster that you are enjoyable to work with. Remember to bring extra copies of your sheet music. Stay classy.
  10. Never apologize or make excuses. Never say things like “I’m sorry… I didn’t warm up, or I forgot the words.” Never make excuses such as: “This wasn’t my best audition, I’ve had a rough day, didn’t’ have time to prepare.” First of all, you were never as bad as you think. Secondly, if you have not had time to prepare, don’t audition.
  11. Forgive yourself. Having said the above, don’t be too hard on yourself if you feel you didn’t do well. Use the feedback you get as positive criticism.
  12. Relax and have fun. You sing because you love it right? So have fun, enjoy the process, and let your soul shine through. Good luck!
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